Anything for gold and experience

Hunting monsters, plundering dungeons, growing in power – that’s the way of a true hero, at least if you ask a power-gamer. In  China Mievilles novel “Perdido Street Station” the real heros who are saving their world from some really bad Slake Moths have a quite different view on so-calld “adventureres”.  Here they are discussing wether to hire some heros – it’s easy to read as a nod to a certain way of playing pen&paper RPGs:

“‘Apparently, there’s a few serious adventurers in town right now, claiming to have just liberated some major trow haul from the ruins in Tashek Rek Hai. Might be up for a little paid work.’ Derkhan looked up. Her face creased in distaste. She shrugged unhappily. ‘I know they’re some of the hardest people in Bas-Lag,’ she said slowly. It took some moments for her to turn her mind to the issue. ‘I don’t trust them, though. Thrill-seekers. They court danger. And they’re quite unscrupulous graverobbers for the most part. Anything for gold and experience.'” (China Mieville: Perdido Street Station)

Or as the introduction to  Tunnels & Trolls says:

“The higher the level and the more wealth your character attains, the better you are doing in comparison to all other players.”

Wellt, that is not the way it works  in Bas-Lag.

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