What it is about

In “Drachenväter” (“Dragonfathers”) Konrad Lischka and Tom Hillenbrand tell the story of how Dungeons & Dragons started the role-playing game phenomenon and forever changed how we play and view the world. In great detail “Drachenväter” describes the history of American and European games like “Tunnels & Trolls”, “Das Schwarze Auge” or “Drakar & Demoner”.

Lischka and Hillenbrand trace the roots of D&D, from early Prussian and British wargaming to the stories of the first world builders:  Robert E. Howard, Fritz Leiber and J.R.R. Tolkien. The authors show how the first virtual realities came to life with some dice, rules and a dungeon master as the interface to new world.


Our Crowdfunding campaign on Startnext.

“Drachenväter” will be published in early 2014. The backers of the German crowdfunding campaign (running on Startnext, the German Kickstarter) decide if there is enough interest to finance a full-color print with sewn binding, 330 pages and bonus content. Of course an E-Book will be published.

An English version is scheduled for 2014.

The Book


17 x 24 cm, twice as large as a Kindle Paperwhite. Hardcover, 330 page, full-color-print.

The book will be designed by the Art Director Süleyman Kayaalp from  wppt:kommunikation. Here are some of his ideas:

Our Crowdfunding campaign on Startnext.

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